YFN Lucci was at the center of an internet roasting session over the weekend after revealing that he had removed his permanent grills from his mouth.

On the Atlanta rapper's Instagram story on Saturday (May 2), he documented the removal of his diamond smile, in which a dentist yanked out his mouth jewelry tooth by tooth. While giving fans an exclusive look at the procedure, the rapper also showed the end result: his real teeth shaven down.

And of course, social media had a field day with Lucci's new look. "Lucci what’s goin on wit yo grill tho Lucci teeth they social distancing too!," one person wrote.

"Yfn Lucci out here chewin bricks w those teeth goddamn," said another Twitter user.

Video footage later surfaced claiming that Lucci removed his old diamond grills to replace them with new ones.

Speaking of jewelry, fellow Atlanta artist Young Thug took jabs at YFN Lucci's diamond pieces back in March. Lucci showed off his jewels on Instagram, including diamond-encrusted rings, bracelets and a blinged-out watch, and captioned the post, "Thug Motivation.”

Thugger replied to the rapper's post shortly after, downplaying his pieces. "My kids jewelry hit harder than that shit boy," Thug wrote. Young Thug coming for Lucci in his Instagram comments came as no surprise as the two rappers have been known to feud in the past.

The ill-feelings date back to 2017 when Thug deemed himself the new Tupac Shakur following the release of his Beautiful Thugger Girls album." Pac would've never wore a dress," Lucci seemingly responded without tagging the YSL rapper.

See more reactions to YFN Lucci removing his grills and revealing his real teeth below.

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