XXXTentacion is at the center of controversy again, this time over his new video for "Look At Me!"

In one of the more shocking moments of the clip, which aims to spread awareness about racial equality, a young white boy is lynched, something that director LaShawnna Stanley said obviously made a lot of people uncomfortable.

“I called a lot of parents. It was a direct booking. No one was okay with their white child getting lynched,” Stanley told a Fox News affiliate. “With all the racial tension in the world right now they were nervous.” She did, however say that she and X made sure that the kids were comfortable on the set.

Stanley said that the lynching was meant to send a message about the way that white people have been desensitized to violence against black people, and the children in the video were meant to represent innocence.

Now, adding fire to the controversy, XXXTentacion posted a video on his Instagram account which features an alleged phone call from a KKK member.

"We are going to tear your motherf---ing ass down, bitch!" the voice angrily screams. "We're coming for ya!"

In the caption, XXXTentacion writes in part, "The video was made to reach these people to show 'you' [their] response, and it did exactly what it was supposed to. So here my fellow friends and human beings, is a clear threat of murder over an artistic vision, here is the 'role model' supremacists some praise so much, here is the the hate that never stays in the public eye."

The video also drew the attention of oft-criticized far-right commentator, Alex Jones of InfoWars, who said the video is "glorifying murder pornography involving children."

However, given recent events in the news of a black boy being hung from a tree, XXXTentacion's visual seems pretty relevant.

Read some of the people's reactions to the video below.

Watch XXXTentacion's "Look at Me Now" Video

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