Wiz Khalifa works hard and plays harder in his video for new single ‘Work Hard Play Hard.’ Actually, at first, you might think Wiz isn’t doing any work at all, but remember, his trade is entertaining and he does lots of rapping and grooving in the clip.

Those scenes are spliced with footage of regular folk, such as a ballerina, a construction worker, a high school athlete and more, doing their thing.

The bigger the bill, the harder you ball, right? Well, Wiz is ballin’ with his bros, tossing back shots and rapping in a field.

Overall, the video is a juxtaposition of pretty and gritty, thanks to the ballerina and the rest of the people featured, and some of the urban blight landscape.

It’s a subtle slice of Pittsburgh life — there’s even a few flashes of the city’s prominent black and gold sports colors if you look closely.

No, there’s no Amber Rose cameo, but there’s plenty of images of Wiz solo and accompanied by others. The video is subtle in its meaning – you have to fill in the gaps for yourself regarding the backstories of the other “characters.” Or you can just enjoy watching Wiz have a good time with his homies. It doesn’t need to be much deeper than that … and it’s isn’t.

The song appears on Wiz’s forthcoming new album ‘O.N.I.F.C.’

Watch the Wiz Khalifa ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ Video