Pittsburgh homies Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller join forces on ‘Goin’ Places,’ a previously-unreleased track on which the rappers dream about bigger things.

The song may have been recorded a couple of years ago, when Khalifa and Miller were both struggling artists trying to break out of the city. Over a laid-back R&B beat, the guys trade verses while a female voice provides a gentle hook about going to different places and seeing different faces.

Khalifa raps mostly about increasing the size of his wallet. The ‘Black and Yellow’ rapper spits, “See a piece of pie, and think how I could make it more / My cake enormous, my paper gorgeous.” When Miller takes over, he rhymes, “We’ve been getting this money since we was young’ns bruh / I’m getting cake, you losing weight just like a tummy tuck / You see me coming up, hit you like an uppercut.”

Khalifa and Miller go way back, having toured together often, and they even attended the same high school, though not at the same time. ‘Goin’ Places’ appears on the Fast Eddie mixtape ‘Live From the 412, Volume 5,’ a collection of hip-hop tracks from Pittsburgh artists. Miller hit No. 1 last year with his album ‘Blue Slide Park,’ while Khalifa’s ‘Rolling Papers’ got to No. 2. They really are goin’ places — it just looks like Wiz is goin’ a little faster.

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