Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky have a lot in common, but they want you to know that two similarities trump all else: Their love of music and their obsession with weed.

"I like to experience something that grabs me and makes me like, 'Yo, what the f--- is this?! What am I hearing?' That's what the tour is all about," Khalifa says. "Experiencing something new -- and being smacked in the face with it."

"We're like two of a kind from the same element," Rocky said. "We're both infatuated with marijuana. That's the obvious," he explained as Wiz grinned. "I love weed! And we share most of the same fans anyway," Rocky chuckled. "Most of my fans are his fans, most of his fans are my fans, so it was just bridging that gap together. People saw this one coming, but they just didn't know that it was this summer."

Another bonus of the Under the Influence of Music tour? The mary jane-doting duo promise that they're going to collaborate on songs and videos. "I'm directing," Rocky giggled. "And we'll both star in them."

Under the Influence of Music Tour Dates:
7/17 - San Francisco, Calif.
7/18 - Irvine, Calif.
7/21 - Albuquerque, N.M.
7/23 - Denver, Colo.
7/25 - Austin, Texas
7/26 - Houston, Texas
7/28 - Dallas, Texas
7/30 - Chicago, Ill.
7/31 - Detroit, Mich.
8/1 - Washington, D.C.
8/2 - Holmdel, N.J.
8/3 - Pittsburgh, Pa.
8/4 - Indianapolis, Ind.
8/6 - Wantagh, N.Y.
8/8 - Hartford, Ct.
8/9 - Montreal, Q.C.
8/10 - Toronto, O.N.
8/11 - Cincinnati, Ohio