Rapper Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky are bringing out some superstars for their Under the Influence of Music tour this summer. The trek boasts such rap heavyweights as B.o.B, Joey Bada$$ and Trinidad James. Although last year's trek was a major hit, Wiz feels this jaunt is even bigger because of its roster of rappers.

“I think everything naturally gets better with time... The first one was amazing," he says. "So, I think naturally people are going to be more excited with the new acts that are on... With the amount of pot that's going to be smoked and with the amount of good music that's going to be brought to the table. And I feel like with A$AP having as much success with his album, being No. 1, it brings like some superstardom to it too."

Wiz also feels that each music act brings a different persona when they take the stage. A$AP concurs but added that fellow rhyme-spitters Joey Bada$$ and Trinidad James bring something more unique for the ladies on the tour.

"Girls love guys with nappy hair," quips Pretty Flocko.

"There it is," adds Wiz. "These girls ought to be satisfied with this tour."

The Under the Influence of Music tour kicks off July 17 in San Francisco and wraps up in Cincinnati Aug. 11.