Wiz Khalifa is a wanted man. Not only among adoring fans and groupies, but the cops want him too.

According to TMZ, the 26-year-old rhymer failed to appear for a scheduled Aug. 6 court date in El Paso, Texas. The hearing stems from his arrest for attempting to sneak marijuana onto a plane back in May. If you remember, Wiz also posted a jail selfie while being held in custody, which quickly went viral.

Right after he was released, Wizzy hit the stage at the Soundset Festival in Minnesota, and thanked his fans for holding him down during his lockup. "I'ma ride for y'all. The same way y'all ride for me," he stated.

But now he'll have to ride to the El Paso police station if he doesn't want to get into even further trouble. Especially, since he has to promote his upcoming album 'Blacc Hollywood,' which arrives in stores on Aug. 19.