Wiz Khalifa getting arrested for marijuana possession is about as surprising as 50 Cent bating someone over the Internet. However, the Pittsburgh rapper landed himself in a Texas jail cell over the weekend for having the sticky green on him. Now he's addressing the incident, which doesn't seem to have fazed him too much.

After being released, Khalifa performed at the Soundset Festival in Minnesota, where he spoke about the arrest for the first time during his performance of the song 'Young, Wild & Free.' And if you think about it, it's the perfect cut to perform after getting arrested, as it completely enhances his rebellious image.

"I'ma ride for y'all," he says. "The same way y'all ride for me. Same way when y'all heard I was in that cell and y'all went on Twitter and y'all said, 'Free Chuck-Wiz...' I wasn't going to miss out on the people who really care about me, and really wanna see me do well and push me to the top."

Afterwards, the crowd clapped and cheered, and sang along with Wiz as he rapper the hook to 'Young, Wild & Free.' It's truly one of those hip-hop moments that will be remembered by the show's attendees for years to come.