The New York Yankees offense this season has primarily revolved around big number 99 Aaron Judge.  He embodies the franchise with his great personality and interactions with fans.  He also currently has 48 homeruns and well over 100 RBI's on the season and there is still over a month left.  He needs 14 more homeruns to break Roger Maris' single season Yankee record when he hit 61 homers all the way back in 1961.  I think Judge has a real good chance to break it but it will be close down the stretch.  Here is my quick take on this from The Times Union:

Aaron Judge is about to steal all of the headlines down the stretch of the Major League Baseball regular season. Judge has 48 home runs and is on pace to hit a record 63. It will be close, that’s why every Yankees game will be a must watch. Judge is doing this incredible feat without any link to PED use, and that’s what separates him from Barry Bonds and Sammy Sosa. Baseball fans, even Yankee haters, are rooting for Judge to crack the history books and it’s hard not too.

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MJ and I discussed Judge's incredible 2022 season earlier this morning right here on Big Board Sports.  Below is our full conversation on this.

I just hope that Hal Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman, and the entire Yankees organization does whatever they can to sign Aaron Judge to a long term contract extension in the 2022 offseason.  The fanbase will absolutely let them hear it if they don't as you would be losing a franchise player and fan favorite in Aaron Judge.  The pressure is on for the Yankees to deliver.

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