I saw this question on DJ Cocoa Channelle's Facebook page I thought it was a good question for a #HOTTOPICTUESDAY here is what she wrote:

Frank Micelotta, Getty Images

WHY doesn't Hip Hop support it's legendary artist the way Rock does? In Hip Hop... people are quick to call our legends "old school" and "washed up"... Meanwhile, in other genre's (such as ROCK)... they honor and show great respect to their legendary artist from the 70s, 80s & 90s. Rockers continue selling records, touring, selling out football stadiums and making millions wayyyy past their prime, but in Hip Hop.... Most legendary rappers who are only in their 40s barely get booked for shows at all and are becoming club DJ's to earn a living. Why is that?

Here is my response:

There are two main reasons. Kids don't want to listen their parents' music and their parents grew out of the lifestyle they were living when those songs were popular. No one wants to hear a 50-year-old man talk about the stuff he was doing in his 20s. Especially when it comes to selling drugs, having sex with random women, etc.

Also another big factor: a lot of fans of other genre's of music have disposable income. So they can keep their ticket prices high enough to cover expenses etc. Hip-hop fans aren't paying $200 for bad seats and buying merchandise. It's all about economics. A lot of these rappers were making over $50,000 a show at one point in time. They aren't trying to come down on their price and I don't blame them.

I think old school rappers get their appreciation in other ways, every year there is a new movie about an old school rapper or raps groups legacy. If fans wanted to see these rappers in concert there is nothing stopping them from going to see them. People grow up and move on.