Do my ladies run this mother? Heeeelllll yeah! It's another Throwback Thursday yall! Doin it for my ladies cause it's Ladies Night!

"Oh yes, it's ladies night & our bond is tight! It's ladies night oh what a night!" Sound familiar? Well its should! "Ladies Night" (Not Tonight Remix) by Lil Kim featuring, Angie Martinez, Da Brat, Left Eye & Missy Elliot was a big hit back in 1997. And rightfully so, hello! Girl Power!

This song rounded up the posse of ladies who were close friends & colleagues doin big thangs in the music industry. It was the remix of Lil Kim's "Not Tonight" off of her huge album "Hardcore" & they even recruited a big NYC radio personality to rap when she'd never done it before. "The Voice of New York" aka Angie Ma who you can get more familiar with on VH1's reality TV show, "HOT 97" opens up the track.

Shoutout to all my ladies, my girls, my sistas from anotha motha because we ladies are runnin things! Its Ladies Night every night as far as i am concerned! Nothin like a good night out with ya girls! Angie Ma, Julissa & Adrienne Bailon are BFF's featured above in the pic having fun on Ladies Night out on the town.

Ladies, enjoy this throwback! #TBT! RIP my girl Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez!