Ebola madness all week. It's been crazy. I mean, there was a school shooting in Washington state but all anybody wants to talk about is Ebola. Or maybe new iPhone screen size, but mostly Ebola.

Basically, whenever I talk to someone about it, they fall into one of two camps: the people who say "oh, there's nothing to worry about, the media's overhyping everything, you're not gonna catch it, I'm not gonna panic."

Then there are the people who say "oh, you better not hang around anyone who is coughing, sneezing, has a fever, because you never know, I'm just gonna cool out and see them in three weeks." Or they think it's just some government conspiracy.

Like the doctor who was diagnosed with ebolavirus this week in NYC. The people who were outraged - mostly on the internet - were baffled as to why he didn't self-quarantine himself for three weeks before venturing out on the subway and going bowling with his friends.

I'm going to let you know in which camp I fall. You may already know I'm in the first camp. I know enough to know that you can't catch ebolavirus unless you are in direct contact with one's feces, vomit, or bodily fluids when they are showing signs - and how many of us would do that even if a person DIDN'T have Ebola?

OK then. So that's my own opinion, I'm entitled to it, and it's my blog. However, I welcome responses to that, so fire away in the comment section below. P.S. Get your flu shot.