Kevin Smith is absolutely tearing the cover off the ball for the Buffalo Bisons, the Triple-A affiliate for the Toronto Blue Jays. Somehow that has yet to translate to a call up to the Major League ballclub. In the above interview, Kevin talks about his successful season, whether he is thinking about the call, direct messages from fans who don't like his movies (wait what?) and we finish the segment talking about a potential trade to another team. Make sure to listen!

Not the start another Capital Region baseball player, former Shaker standout Jeff Hoffman, was hoping for against the Mets on Wednesday, and now his spot in the starting rotation of the Cincinnati Reds is on shaky grounds. Hoffman was charged with five runs over four innings including a grand slam. Worst case scenario is Hoffman would end up in the bullpen where he has experience from when he pitched in Colorado. Hoffman was placed on the IL with shoulder soreness in late May, and he needs time to get back in the groove. Reds Manager Dave Bell will have to make a decision if that will come in a starting role, or out of the pen.

And speaking of the trade deadline, the Yankees’ would really have to fall apart for them not to be buyers at the Trading Deadline. The Yankees could use another starting pitcher, and they can certainly could use an outfielder for the stretch run. The Yankees are a very proud organization, and selling off players is not in their history. I don’t see the Yankees’ throwing in the towel at the end of the month, and honestly, they shouldn’t have too.

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