I was born and raised in Baltimore, so this really hits home for me.

After I saw a lot of wrong information on TV last night, I concluded the media is dangerous at times and that people will believe anything on TV.

I started looking at the TV funny when they said that the Bloods, Crips and BGF were all coming together to shoot cops. Why would anyone in those organizations inform police of their actions before they happened, especially when anarchy is going on? That doesn’t make sense.

I had to check my timeline to see what was really going on at home. Here are some of the posts I saw from family and friends who live in Baltimore.

Most of the people you see on TV are opportunistic teenagers with nothing else to do. These are the same teenagers Baltimore has been having trouble containing every year with FLASH mobs—that is all these riots were was one big teenage FLASH mob that went way too far.

All these riots mean for them is free Jordans, foams, clothes, liquor etc. Look at the videos, all of the rioters have on school uniforms and backpacks. It is sad that the burning down of a CVS is overshadowing the unjust killing of Freddie Gray.

Teenagers have been doing these flash mob-style robberies for awhile and it really has nothing to do with police brutality or anything else of importance. This was the ultimate flash mob and the issues of police brutality offered the perfect opportunity to cause chaos.

This isn't just a problem in Baltimore this is a problem nationwide. This will probably not be the first time we witness something like this. These are the same teens you see on Worldstar fighting every day. They are not part of any political agenda and it's sad that the focus is being taken away from the real issue: police brutality.

Wrong + Wrong = Wrong #Baltimoreriots