Imagine you're spending an average Tuesday at home with your family when suddenly your house goes up in flames.  What's your first thought?  Likely, it's to make sure you and your loved ones are safe, possibly grab important papers and electronic devices, maybe even beloved pets.  House fires are the ultimate in scary and dangerous, but when you add that it happened to a Waterford family the week before Christmas, it makes it sad.

This fire happened on my block in Waterford so when they something "hits close to home", this one literally did.  A fund has been setup at KeyBank where you can make any amount of donation to be sure that Evon Dixon-Hill's granddaughter has Christmas gifts, and that the rest of the family is able to buy what they need.  Just walk in to any local KeyBank and make your contribution to the Waterford Fire Victims Fund.

We're all affected as this fire could have happened to you or someone you love.  Please make sure your family has an evacuation plan, make sure you know where your important papers are, and make sure that if there's ever a fire of that magnitude, that you consider life first.

Major thank yous to Waterford Fire Chief Brian Wright and the brave men and women who worked all night to douse the flames, News Channel 10, KeyBank, and the Waterford Lions Club.