Remember when Funny or Die trolled the world with that hoverboard video? Well, if finding out it was a hoax broke your heart then Hendo Hover’s Kickstarter campaign is here to show you how to love again; and they’ve brought Tony Hawk as a figurative bouquet.

This time the floating skateboard is the real deal and we actually get to see Tony Hawk tooling around on a prototype that is a bit bulky but still pretty amazing if you ask us. To rectify that aesthetic issue, Hendo Hover is looking to streamline the board and give it a full inch of lift.

Hendo’s Kickstarter campaign has already met it’s $250,000 goal and is currently at $460,300 with 26 days left to go and pledges of $10,000 will get you your very own Hendo hoverboard. Run, err... float over and find out what all the fuss is about.

[Via Hendo Hover]