Rap superstars Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, the Roots' Questlove and will.i.am pay a visit to Stoolbend as members of the Illumanti on the season premiere of Fox's animated series 'The Cleveland Show.'

In the episode, titled 'Menace II Secret Society,' Cleveland visits Kenny West's home to install his cable. It's a reunion of sorts as Cleveland once helped Kenny (voiced by Yeezy) co-write his biggest hit 'Be-Cleve in Yourself.' While hooking up his cable, Cleveland discovers that Kenny won a group of trophies for their collaborative hit song.

After confronting Kenny about not receiving an award for their song, Cleveland gets unceremoniously kicked out the mansion. Angered by Kenny's rudeness, Cleveland decides to break into the mansion and steal some of the awards. While breaking into the Kenny's home, Cleveland stumbles upon the Hip-Hop Illumanti.

In one musical moment, Kenny, will and Bruno rap about how they are in the Illumanti and control popular culture, including starting trends like skinny jeans and shutter shades. "Illumanti starts the stuff that becomes cool," raps will.i.am.

In a strange twist, the Hip-Hop Illumanti request the services of Cleveland to help them sabotage Kenny's music career because his ego is out of control. Cleveland accepts the job and persuades Kenny to join Cleveland Jr.'s polka band and make a polka song that nobody wants to hear.

So will Kenny's music career get destroyed or will the Hip-Hop Illumanti's plan backfire? Check out the show and find out.