While Jay-Z and Kanye West were ballin’ onstage at London’s Hackney Weekend event on Saturday (June 23), Beyonce was wilding out in the crowd. During the Throne’s umpteenth rendition of ‘N—as in Paris,’ Mrs. B was caught on camera going bonkers in the wet grasslands.

Beyonce was certainly dressed for the rainy London weather in her hoodie jacket and rain boots. Midway through another encore of ‘N—as in Paris,’ Jay-Z ordered several sections of the crowd to form circles.

Beyonce, who was surrounded by her entourage, gathered herself in a circle as she prepared to dance. “I like this circle over here,” says Hov pointing to B’s formation.

Beyonce then waits patiently as her hubby instructs other concertgoers to form a circle. The singer then bows her head as Jay-Z starts the countdown. When he hits one, Beyonce explodes and starts moshing erratically as the crowd engulfs her in one big pile up.

It’s daring to see Beyonce wild out with a group of people during ‘N—as in Paris.’ That s— was definitely cray!

A day after Beyonce’s moshing frenzy, the ‘Party’ singer celebrated her sister Solange‘s 26th birthday in London. The siblings struck a pose together on the grassy fields of Hackney Marshes where the Hackney Weekend event was taking place. “We. Are. Family….” Solange tweeted on her Twitter page. “Blue and yellow and birthday love…Thank You!”

A family that moshes together, stays together.

Watch Beyonce Dance in a Mosh Pit at HackneyWeekend 2012