There have been many Capital Region New York State Lottery winners recently. It seems most of them have been Take5 winners, but this time there is a new millionaire in Warren County from a scratch-off ticket well sort of.

Isabella Gonzalez of Queensbury has hit the jackpot in the New York Lottery's 25X The Money scratch-off game according to the NY Lottery. She stopped at the Stewart's Shop at 402 Bay Road in Queensbury where she bought the winning ticket. Isabella claimed her winnings on July 15th and opted to receive her one million dollar prize as a single lump sum of five hundred ninety-eight thousand nine hundred twenty dollars after taxes.

I guess there is still hope for all of us that play the scratch-off games. I also learned something about the games where the top prize is won. Apparently, when the top prizes are won, the game is retired for other new scratch-off games with that same top prize. The 25X The Money game will be retired and another game will replace it soon. You can always check the status of scratch-off tickets to see what prizes have been claimed on certain games. You can do that by clicking HERE.

Just like Isabella Gonzales, I think we are all hoping to walk into that convenience store or in this case Stewart's Shop, tell the clerk that we want a certain scratch-off ticket, get in the car or home and scratch it off to find out you've won a million dollars. Hey, you never know, right?

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