Walmart is making a major change to all stores in a few states, could this change soon come to the Empire State?

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Last week, Moose 92 a radio station out of Maine reported Walmart was going bagless starting on July 1. The story went viral with many thinking this meant all Walmarts across the country would eliminate bags starting next month.

However, that is not the case. Only Walmart stores in the state of Maine will go bagless on July 1. The state of Maine is prohibiting the use of single-use plastic bags at all stores by July 1. In advance of the new rule, Walmart announced it would eliminate bags at stores in Maine, according to Snopes.

A few days later Moose 92 clarified their story saying the bagless change is only for Maine stores. Moose 92 is a local website that covers local news in Maine, so it makes perfect sense the radio station's website would let readers know about the rule change.

"With that ban soon taking effect, Walmart is converting all Maine stores to bagless on July 1," Charles Crowson, Walmart's communications director for the northern U.S., said in an email to USA TODAY.

Earlier this year Walmart converted all Vermont stores to bagless, Vermont Biz reports.

The bagless change in Vermont was "well-received" according to Crowson. But it does not appear the change will come to stores in New York or other states.

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"A similar initiative began in Vermont four months ago and was well-received by customers there. However, there isn’t a national rollout planned at this time," Crowson adds.

Before the COVID pandemic, a plastic bag ban was issued in New York where customers were charged for using plastic bags.

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