Wale is as versatile a rapper as they come. On one hand, he holds the poetic-driven music that's established him with his core fan base. Then on the other hand, the MC creates street bangers and more commercial records. He's sticking with the latter for his latest song, 'Keep the Hustle,' featured in the new Disney film 'Million Dollar Arm.'

The song is produced by A.R. Rahman, who also scored the film. And although producing hip-hop records is a departure for the longtime singer, songwriter and composer, he does a good job of making a contemporary-sounding track, even though it's vastly different from what Wale usually spits over.

Plus, having a song on a Disney movie soundtrack will undoubtedly expose the Washington, D.C. lyricist to a whole new group of fans, just like it did for Pharrell with 'Happy' being on the 'Despicable Me 2' soundtrack.

As far as the lyrics go, Wale sticks with a never-quit-and-keep-on-striving theme.

"Swing for the fences I'm a beast / I'm the reason all the people leaping out their seats / I guess if it came easy everybody would be good / Had to get my mind right to climb up out the hood," spits the rapper over traditional Indian sounds.

It'll be interesting to hear what Wale's hardcore fans think of this new track. Although the MMG artist has a musically eclectic side -- just listen to the records he's done with Mark Ronson -- some fans may think he's reaching too far.

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Listen to Wale's 'Keep the Hustle'