Waka Flocka Flame, Nicki Minaj and Tyga party, giggle and ogle some women in their ‘Get Low’ video, which is a fun, if not groundbreaking, clip for the catchy track.

Featuring close ups of some lovely ladies and Remy Martin booze, ‘Get Low’ doesn’t have a plot or story, but that’s the point: It’s about, well, getting low and having a good time. Not everything needs a story line, and most of the fun is simply from watching the artists interact with one another. Tyga cheeses it up at the camera, clearly delighted to be surrounded by such voluptuous and flexible broads, while Minaj plays with Waka’s hair.

For her part, Minaj may have the most interesting role in the track. While her male cohorts simply spit game at some ladies in a club and encourage them to dance, the Harajuku Barbie actually uses the opportunity to simultaneously boast of her boudoir skills and buxom figure and address her critics who claim she’s gone too pop in her hip-hop career: “Pop star but I f— ‘em like I’m still hood.” Alright then!

Flo Rida doesn’t appear in the video, but he does sing the hook, which is pretty much guaranteed to get stuck in your head for a few days — and will remind you a bit of his own collaboration with T-Pain of the same title.

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