Waka Flocka Flame has a way with words in both rhyme and speaking form. You can’t help but laugh at half the stuff that comes out of dudes mouth, unless your name is Gucci Mane.

In an interview with Tim Westwood, Waka boasted about his bank account inflating since parting ways with Gucci. Of course, it was communicated in typical Waka fashion.

“It’s over with. It’s done. I used to f--- with Gucci when I had like three million.” He continued, “I’m up, man. I’m skydiving, man. They skinny dipping. When they diving in the pool I’m diving out the sky. I aint got no limit. This sh—I’m doing, everybody can’t do. The sh—I’m doing you don’t gotta join Illuminati to get this money.”

I’m not sure what half of that means, but I’ll nod my head and say “PREACH!”

The war began earlier this year when the two exchanged jabs on twitter. Things have gotten increasingly uncomfortable ever since. The two had previously collaborated on an entire album together, “Ferrari Boyz”.