Waka Flocka Flame puts Andre 3000 far ahead of Eminem when it comes to his list of top lyricists.

On Thursday night (Dec. 12), Waka used the questions feature on Instagram Stories and asked his followers whether they agree with him that 3 Stacks can best Em when going bar for bar.

"I was arguing someone about 3 stacks can out rap eminem any day," Waka said, leaving a question sticker asking fans, "Do y'all agree?" He added, "Let's debate," at the bottom, knowing it was a controversial take.

Waka Flocka via Instagram
Waka Flocka via Instagram

Waka Flocka has been no stranger to polarizing statements over the years. In July, Waka was sharing a story of a gay man who was apparently a bit overzealous in his approach to the rapper in an airport. From there, Waka made a statement that led to immediate backlash.

"I understand yall folks got y'all month and all that," Waka said on his Instagram Live at the time. "Nothing against nobody's sexual preference, nothing. But look, I ain't with that. So don't approach me, don't be having too many compliments and doing all that extra shit. It's out of pocket and disrespectful."

Waka received a ton of comments from upset fans calling him homophobic, but he never addressed them.

As for hot takes on other rappers—Waka is no stranger to those either. In the past, he's called Smokepurpp "lame" and said that Lil Uzi Vert is more of a rock star than a rapper.

While both Eminem and Andre 3000 tend to make most people's top five favorite rappers lists, Waka Flocka definitely had a hot take with his latest statement. Where do you fall on the topic?

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