It's always interesting when you can pick an artist's brain and get a look at how they think on their feet. Hip-hop has been full of great personalities from day one and that has held true for generations. Waka Flocka Flame has always been personable, a rapper who doesn't hesitate to speak his mind while displaying a good sense of humor. These traits make him perfect for XXL's ABCs segment, where he responds with whatever word comes to mind as he goes through each letter of the alphabet. He does it all, from making jokes about the state of the rap game, to name-dropping his wife, Tammy Rivera-Malphurs.

As Waka goes through the ABCs, there are a few surprises. "A" definitely isn't one of them (you know what he said), but "D " was nowhere near as predictable. "When I think of D, dogs," the rapper shares. "Fuckin' love dogs, bruh, I ain't gon' lie to you, my nigga." As it turns out, Flocka is quite the dog enthusiast. Ask him about if you meet him.

The next letter brought back not-so-good memories for Flocka. "E make me think about a terrible choice I did when I was young," he admits. "Pop Ecstasy. I'm not fuckin' with that. That shit is the devil!" Doesn't seem like Waka will be giving that a try ever again.

When it comes to the music, Waka Flocka has some things on the way. Flockaveli 2, the follow-up to his classic debut album, is set to release on Oct. 5, and his plans to upend the mixtape streaming game with his own platform are still rolling ahead.

Check out Waka Flocka Flames version of the ABCs below.

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