We're back with another episode of XXL's Hip-Hop Moments of Clarity, a podcast dedicated to diving deep into the current biggest stories in hip-hop.

For today's (March 5) episode, our hosts include XXL's Editor-In-Chief Vanessa Satten, veteran hip-hop journalist Shaheem Reid and hip-hop entrepreneur Rahman Dukes. The trio get into a variety of topics, ranging from whether songs are more important than albums to The Game's recent critique of the current state of music.

"The internet forces you to listen to wack ass music," The Game wrote in a tweet on Feb. 25. "It’s so much of it, you’re brainwashed to thinkin the shit actually sound like sumn."

Just a few days prior on Feb. 22, he also addressed the business side of the music industry on Twitter and issued a warning to upcoming artists.

"This rap shit will KILL YOU. Literally," the Compton rapper wrote. "The labels sign young artists to slave deals & their only concern is how they can use you to make more money. They don’t even advertise or market you no more, they let u do it yourself on IG while they sit back, steal & wait 4 the next you. Stay INDEPENDENT. OWN your masters. Do the work yourself & the payoff will be worth it. Almost 20 years in music & not once did anyone tell me this. Shit, I’m still waiting on them to tell YOU."

In the latter set of tweets, Game was echoing sentiments Meek Mill had previously expressed just a few months prior, leading our hosts into a discussion on where music currently is.

Also on the episode, Vanessa, Shaheem and Rahman discuss 50 Cent's recent announcement that he'd be finishing up what would have been the late Pop Smoke's debut album, which leads into a deeper dive of other posthumous bodies of work that have been released over the years.

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