Another Democrat has come out to admit that he once put on Blackface during his days as a college student.

On Wednesday (Feb. 6), Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring released a statement admitting to putting on Blackface at a college party in 1980. In his statement, Herring said that he wore brown makeup and a wig to look like rapper Kurtis Blow when he was a 19-year-old student at the University of Virginia.

The 57-year-old Attorney General wrote that his friends at the time "suggested we attend a party dressed like rappers we listened to at the time, like Kurtis Blow, and perform a song.”

Herring went on to explain that, "It sounds ridiculous even now writing it. But because of our ignorance and glib attitudes—and because we did not have an application for the experiences and perspectives of others—we dressed up and put on wigs and brown makeup."

"This was a onetime occurrence and I accept full responsibility for my conduct," he added. He concluded that "he was “deeply, deeply sorry for the pain that I cause with this revelation.”

Herring's statement comes after rumors surfaced of a Blackface photo of the Attorney General had circulated at the Capitol for a day or more.

Herring is the second Virginia public official to admit to wearing Blackface this month. On Saturday (Feb. 6), Governor Ralph Northam held a press conference to address a  racist photo from his 1984 medical school yearbook. The photo shows a White man in Blackface standing next to another person in Ku Klux Klan attire.

Northam denied being either of the men in the picture, but did admit to putting shoe polish on his face and moonwalking in order to impersonate Michael Jackson in a dance contest that same year.

You can read Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring's statement below.

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