Chicago rapper Vic Mensa is gearing up for another album and the rapper announced the record last night on social media. The “U Mad” rapper posted a trailer for his upcoming project, The Manuscript, which is set to release on June 8.

The teaser features an unreleased song from Mensa and includes the lyrics, “Deep down, everyone’s a rockstar / Right now, I’m the only one to take it this far,” being sung by an unnamed voice.

The video also features Mensa on a stage and ends with him rapping, “This for all my fans that say they want the old Vic / I’ve grown too much to ever be the old Vic.”

The rapper’s social media posts for the video also included “1 of 2,” hinting that another video could be on the way soon.

It’s been a year since Staples released his last EP, There’s Alot Going On. In a 2016 interview with Billboard, the Chicago MC said he makes his best music when he’s his most transparent. “It’s just trying to be as truthful as possible. That’s what I’m most interested in. That’s what I feel like sets me apart from a lot of people— how much I’m willing to reveal about myself on a record.”

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