When you usually think of what could be one of the "World's Greatest Places," your brain probably goes to somewhere overseas. Little did you know, one of them is not too far away!

It's not as far as the Eiffel Tower or The Colosseum but Time Magazine still added it to their 100 World's Greatest Places, according to New York Upstate. Hotel Henry, in Buffalo, was a former insane asylum that was neglected for decades until someone saw its potential.

According to the website, "TIME's list of destinations focuses on contemporary success stories, not all-time-greats, and spans six continents and 48 countries" and this hotel made the list. After the intense preservation effort done but the new owners, this 88-room and 100 acres space is something you have to see to believe. Looking at the pictures provided by New York Upstate, you'd never believe that not only was this place abandoned for so long but what it used to be in a former life.

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