Some may not know, Kanye has been heavily involved in the biz way before he started dropping albums. His career was jumpstarted by co-producing beats as far back as the late 90’s.

His collaboration with Mase on G.O.O.D. Music’s “Cruel Summer” was actually not their first tag-team effort. Kanye received producer credit for Mase’s “You Made Me”, featuring Carl Thomas and Nas, back in 1998.

Oh… you don’t believe me? Channel Zero and Creative Control have released an unreleased clip from Jermain Dupri’s 1998 birthday bash in the ATL, featuring an appearance by Kanye! Look at those glasses, ‘Ye’s style has been poppin’ for a minute!


The clip is a total throwback. Remember when Mase was rumored to be dating Brandy? WOW!!!!! In the clip, Mase passes the mic to a young Kanye who gives props to his peeps in Chi-town.