Odd Future’s fearless leader is involved in an “odd” (pun intended) beef with a fellow rapper that hasn’t been relevant in years. Former So So Def rapper, J-Kwon, dropped a diss track called “Pushing The Odds,” aimed at OFWGKTA.

The record is most likely a response to Tyler, The Creator’s line on the Odd Future track, Rella. The rapper spit, “I betchu got some J-Kwon / You aint got no f---in’ Yeezy.” The St. Louis rapper also went after Pusha T on “Pushing The Odds,” who has used J-Kwon in a punch line on his mixtape track, Wrath Of Cocaine.

Tyler responded to the diss via twitter.


J-Kwon’s “Tipsy” peaked at number two on the Billboard charts in 2004. It was off the album “Hood Hop.” He hasn’t done squat diddly doo since then. As a matter of fact, in 2010 his label reported the rapper missing. It was nearly a month later that Kwon finally confirmed he was alive and well, saying he was “just taking some time out.” Weirdo!

Of all the rappers or groups you could go after, why would you attempt beef with Odd Future? Those dudes are f*#%in’ bananas!

In other Odd Future news, Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt and company will be making the trip to visit us for the first time next month! Our friends at Upstate Concert Hall have booked the fellas for a show on July 18th.


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