That Tyler the Creator has quite the imagination.

In his latest video, 'IFHY,' the head of the Odd Future collective, embraces the weird -- waxing poetic about heartache while taking the form of a doll in a four-room dollhouse.

Skating back and forth between lyrics of love and hate ("I love you," always preceding, "I f---ing hate you..."), Tyler ends up standing across from the woman, er, doll, responsible for his emo outburst.

As he follows her stiffly from room to room, she ignores his advances and locks herself in the bathroom. He kicks the door in, saying "I love you / I'm just bad at keeping my emotions bubbled..."

The love interest then disappears and a human hand takes a lighter to Tyler Doll's face. It's the strangest thing.

Then there's a melancholy bridge sung within the song's last 90 seconds that seems to tie it all together. That's when Tyler meets an untimely death and 'IFHY' ends abruptly, leading into a taste of the 'Jamla' track.

As crazy as this Tyler guy is, one has to admit, it's hard to tear your eyes away from the concepts he dreams up.

Watch Tyler the Creator's 'IFHY' Video