It looks like Tyga is having the last laugh on us. After a week of having two of his luxury vehicles get repossessed, the Compton rhymer caught a lucky break and now he’s getting one of his cars back.

As we previously reported, the 26-year-old rapper had his Maybach and Ferrari towed away in the same week because he failed to make his monthly car payments. However, over the weekend, Tyga was reportedly reunited with the Ferrari, according to TMZ.

The circumstance of how Tyga got his Ferrari back is very confusion. Here's how TMZ breaks it down:

Some dude leased the Ferrari, but the car is so rare, he could only do it if he bought another car from the dealership that wouldn't be available for six months. The guy struck a deal with Tyga, who agreed to take the Ferrari and make the lease payments until the other car became available, and then he'd return it. The guy who leased the car relied on another guy who relied on another guy to make the down payment, but the middle man kept the cash."

Are you still confused? Don't worry, so are we.

When the guy demanded the down payment from Tyga, the rapper supposedly paid the down payment to the middle man and the dealership never received the money. The guy who leased the car got pissed off and had the Ferrari repossessed. In the end, Tyga was caught up in some weird three-way and was left holding the bag when no one was paying the monthly fees on the Ferrari.

Tyga will be okay, especially, since Kylie Jenner bought him a Bentley Bentayga last week. Not to mentioned, Tyga reportedly still owns a Mercedes SLS coupe, a Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe and a Mercedes G-wagon.

Hopefully, Tyga will take advantage of this and keep his finances in order.

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