Tyga came under plenty of criticism when footage of him on a TV pilot called 'Bustas' emerged in which he renounces his Compton roots. The 'Rack City' emcee is clarifying the context in which his comments were made on the show -- and embracing his hometown.

In the unearthed footage, Tyga says, "Grew up not too tough, parents had a Range Rover ... Doin' it big, not too much hard, but I'm still street."

In a new interview, Tyga downplays his deception with Los Angeles radio station Power 106 (quotes via MTV News). "It wasn't called 'Bustas' at the time, it was a pilot," he explained of the game show. "It was supposed to be who was the next rapper to get signed at the time. The intro beginning was scripted. I never grew up in the Valley. I lived in Compton/Gardena my whole life."

He also revealed his thought process at the time the show was filmed. "I'm young, I'm ambitious," Tyga stated. "I don't care. I'm getting a check for this, I'm about to be on TV ... at this point in my career, I'm at a point where I worked so hard and for people to try and throw negative stuff, it's just retarded."

While his choice of words may be less than desirable, we see where he's coming from. How many reality shows are real? Tyga has given back to Compton quite a bit, most notably over the holidays in 2012, so he likely has at least some fondness and familiarity with the oft-troubled city.

In brighter news, the rapper talked about his upcoming 'Fan of a Fan II' mixtape with Chris Brown. "I'm dropping my album in March and I think he's working on something new so, whenever we stop driving Lambos and posting pictures on Instagram, maybe we can finish it," he admitted. Nice dig, Tyga!

Listen to Tyga's Power 106 Interview