At this point, it's easier to recite the states not on this list.

The easiest way to know where the current coronavirus hotspots are? Just look at the list of states on the New York state travel advisory list. Governor Cuomo announced 3 additions to this list today including Hawaii and South Dakota, as well as the Virgin Islands. At the same time, Alaska, New Mexico, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Washington have been removed from the list. So we now stand  at 31 states on the travel advisory.

Anyone who travels from New York to anyone of these states must quarantine for 14 days when returning home. Travelers from those states coming here must do the same. The quarantine measures are intended to control any virus spikes here in New York.

As we come upon the five month mark of this pandemic, it is hard to believe we are still dealing with travel bans and virus spikes in general. It has been a long 5 months and this thing keeps dragging on. Let's hope 5 months from now we are freely moving about the country like we are used to.

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