The tragic story of Tupac Shakur's untimely death in Las Vegas has been told countless of times. But an ex-police officer who was working on that fateful night tells an interesting tale of the late rapper's last words before his death.

In an exclusive interview with, former cop Chris Carroll recalls the night of Sept. 7, 1996, when 2Pac was shot by an unknown gunman following the Mike Tyson-Bruce Seldon fight.

The 23-year veteran officer was patrolling the Vegas strip on a bike and felt that something bad was going to happen.

“The night was just starting, and you could just feel in the air that bad stuff was going to happen," he recalls. "Even when it was calm, it was like the calm before the storm.”

When the shooting incident happened, Carroll was the first person on the scene and saw that Shakur was out of the passenger seat of the BMW sedan with multiple bullet wounds.

After repeatedly asking Shakur if he knew who the shooter was, the 'All Eyez on Me' rapper finally gave his response.

"He went from fighting to ‘I can’t do it.’ And when he made that transition, he looked at me, and he’s looking right in my eyes," said Carroll. "And that’s when I looked at him and said one more time, ‘Who shot you?’ He looked at me and he took a breath to get the words out, and he opened his mouth, and I thought I was actually going to get some cooperation. And then the words came out: ‘F--- you.’”

Afterward, Carroll remembered Shakur was slipping in and out of consciousness before he was rushed to the hospital. Six days later, on Sept. 13, 'Pac died from internal bleeding.

Given 2Pac's dislike for cops, this story is plausible. You can add Carroll's narrative to the folklore of, arguably, one of the most polarizing figures in hip-hop.

Rest in peace, Tupac Shakur.