Nearly two decades after his death, the voice of Tupac has been resurrected. In a new interview from 1996, the rapper speaks about being at war, the origins of his name and working with fellow actor Jim Belushi while on the set of his movie 'Gang Related.'

“People ask me what my name means, I don’t tell ‘em like ‘Tupac Amaru.’ But I just say it means determined because I’m determined to never ever negotiate again,” Tupac says in the conversation, which surfaced on YouTube courtesy of JMIX/Jessesurratt Productions.

The 'Changes' MC says that the name comes from a Peruvian freedom fighter "similar" to himself. Pac continues, chillingly foretelling his death, which occurred just 18 days later. “We are in the midst of war. Nobody wants me to live longer than [them]. Nobody’s gonna give me the breath out of their mouth for me to live longer, so therefore I’m not giving anybody the breath out of my mouth for them to live longer. I’ll just breathe deeply and go through this life myself without bothering anybody. Without pushing anybody else over. But on the same token, nobody ever will move me from where I’m standing.”

Throughout the talk, Pac jokes around with Jim Belushi and cites the great working relationship. "It’s great, but I can never tell you what it’s like. It’s like when you ask people those questions... As it relates to what? What if you have no friends? You don’t know what it’s like. What if you’ve never done a movie? So, you don’t know how s---ty your co-star can be... I'll take care of the major things and you handle these little things that I can't -- I got like pet peeves that I can't get through a movie without. So he's been able to erase those hurdles so it makes it easier."

Listen to the West Coast rhymer in his comfort zone above.

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