Schools nationwide participate in 20th annual 'Read Across America Day.'

NEA's Read Across America Day Kickoff With Zac Efron
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On Thursday (Mar. 2), schools nationwide welcomed guests from their community to take part in “Read Across America Day.” Read Across America Day is a nationally recognized day out of the year dedicated to encouraging children and their parents to read together regularly. The work starts at school, but it continues at home with the parents.

School 16 in Troy, NY also took part in Reading Day today with a few guest appearances from community leaders. Community politicians, police officers, and even some members from the RPI hockey team participated in today’s Read Across America Day at School 16. Parents also participated as well. One of the popular readings for today was Green Eggs and Ham, celebrating D. Seuss’s 113th birthday.

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Senator Neil Breslin was one of the many to participate in today’s festivities. “This is the best part of the job, reading to young kids and watching the smiles on their faces. I’ll float through the rest of the day, nothing can get me annoyed on this day…,” said Breslin.

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Troy Police Officer Dominick Comitale also took part in today’s reading day at School 16.

Fourth grader Willa Larsen was able to share some highlights of Reading Day today talking about the guests who came and read to him and his class. “The police officer came in and then read a book to us, and we could ask questions about what he does in his job,” said Larsen.”

Comitale enjoyed spending time reading with the children today as much as they did. “To be able to even discuss that with them or even ask me that question is awesome because I wouldn’t ask that of a cop back then when I was younger,” said Comitale. “I think it is great, and I think we are making an impact by being in the schools,” he added.

For community leaders like Comitale and Breslin, Reading Across America Day is an event that represents a chance to break down barriers and be able to communicate with children in a positive way.

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