Bosomy strippers, expensive cars and bundles of cash make up the ingredients for Troy Ave's  'All About The Money' video, a song he dropped in September, featuring Young Lito and Manolo Rose.

In the beginning of the clip, you'll see one of Troy's Money Murder Crew members drop multiple stacks of bills on a bed, much to the Powder King's delight. From there, you'll witness a beautiful woman putting on makeup, as she mouths the Brooklyn rhymer's menacing rhymes.

Other scenes include Troy Ave rhyming in front of a helicopter at a heliport, as he rocks green army fatigues and "beef and broccoli" Timberland boots with his BSB crew in the background. The whole gang is bopping joyously to the minimalist track, which was produced by Roofeeo.

There's also plenty of shots of Birthday Cake vodka, which the 'Your Style' rapper has been repping pretty hard for quite sometime. The video was directed by LLama, who also directed the visuals for Troy's previously released clip, 'My Day.'