If you watched Trina's recent interview with 'The Breakfast Club' you would know that she's fed up with love. In her new video for 'F--- Love,' the Miami rhymer says goodbye to a failed relationship in a dark and mysterious way.

In the video, which also features Torey Lanez, the Diamond Princess is in her lavish home walking around in a sexy lingerie, which will remind viewers why she is still the baddest bitch. It appears that she is getting ready for a night out on the town as she dutifully applies makeup to her face.

But we soon find out that Trina is on a mission to burying her past -- literally. The 'Pull Over' rapper jumps in her white Rolls-Royce and drives to a desolate area in the woods. She parks her car, grabs a shovel and starts digging up a hole to dump a mysterious body. It starts to get ghoulish when Trina lights the unidentified object on fire and laughs as it burns in effigy.

Let this be a warning to the next guy Trina starts dating -- she don't play the side chick role.

The dark visual, which was directed by Space Films, can be viewed above.