Six years ago, Travis Scott was an up-and-coming rapper-producer trying to leave his mark in the industry, and it was during that time he linked up with Kanye West to produce for and appear on the G.O.O.D. Music boss' Cruel Summer compilation album with the rest of his label. Now, one person is alleging that at least one of Scott's contributions to the LP was actually stolen.

In a recent interview High Snobiety published yesterday (Dec. 26), R&B singer Victoria Monét explains her involvement on the 2012 G.O.O.D. Music compilation. The 25-year-old songwriter is among the eight co-writers who contributed on the LP track, “Sin City.” Monét credits Scott for adding her on the project, but only after he she allegedly caught him stealing music files from producer Tommy Brown.

"Funny story. Travis Scott, when he first moved to L.A., he was living with me and [producer Tommy Brown] on our couch," she explains. "So basically, Travis Scott took files from Tommy Brown and took them to Kanye and said he produced them and it was on video."

"He took a song I had written a hook and took it to Teyana Taylor for her to do and change a little bit," she continues. "So Tommy ended up finding out because the footage was on his hard drive or something. I can’t quite remember but he saw him in the studio trying to act like he made the beat."

In light of this revelation, Monét insists that the Grammy-nominated rapper-producer isn't a rampant thief. She says Scott's misjudgment is a result of being in the competitive music industry.

"The industry has it’s good and bad parts. I know at his core [Travis Scott is] a good person," she says of the "Sicko Mode" rapper, who's got a ton of Billboard Hot 100 entries this year. "He just wanted to win. But, that’s what happened. A misunderstanding of him taking things to Kanye that he didn’t really do."

XXL has reached out to Travis Scott's team for a comment but they have yet to respond.

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