Wondering where Sandy is? For some folks they only need to look out the window to find her. If you're looking for some maps and up to the minute information, we have several resources for you to find that information. 

The Weather Channel has the best real-time tracking page we've ever seen, and we'll be checking it ourselves frequently as the storm moves through the Albany area.

NOAA and the National Weather Service have an official page for Sandy where you can see the radar loop and other images.

Weather Underground has a page with community generated information including projected times that Sandy will arrive in various locations. She'll be fiercely impacting the Albany area by Tuesday morning.

NASA has an entire section of their site devoted to hurricanes and Sandy is no exception. Thus far we've seem some stunning photos from space of Sandy as she moves toward the Albany area.

We also have our own weather page where you can see the current local radar and weather alert information.