Tory Lanez received a lot of praise when he seemingly called out a director for allegedly trying to swap a dark-skinned woman with a light-skinned model during a music video shoot. But now, the ebony model, who calls herself Sultry Shen on Instagram, has come out and accused the rapper-singer of staging the entire incident.

“Where is the scene then if Tory Lanez wanted me so bad?! The director is the best director I know. Fake news," she alleges in a statement through gossip website East Coast Renaissance's Twitter page on Sunday (June 16).

"Tory asked for both me and the light skinned girl to do solo shoots," Shen continued. "When it was her turn he said cut the video to make it appear as if it had something to do with race. I know the directors very well."

Tory has since denied the model's claim. On Monday (June 17), the Canadian rap star hopped on Instagram Story to shoot down Sultry Shen's accusations. "If this was a publicity stunt, why would I be doing it for someone else's music video? Why wouldn't I have paid the females involved?" he asked. "All parties involved know exactly what happened in the 30 minutes that I was at the shoot."

Sultry Shen has been addressing Tory throughout the day today (June 17) and insists that she is telling the truth. The model also created the hashtag #setuponset to make the point that the incident at the video shoot was staged.

At the moment in question, Tory appeared to have the darker skinned woman come back in front of the camera after the lighter skinned model made her way into the shot. In an Instagram post, Tory explained the importance of avoiding colorism.

"This is an On -Going problem in our community of entertainment that needs to stop," reads one part of Lanez's caption for the post, which included the video of the incident. "As a black man , Sometimes I’m going to joke about the black community just like we all do . BUT WHAT IM NOT GOING TO DO IS ALLOW ANY OF THESE DIRECTORS TO DE-VALUE OUR BLACK WOMEN ... countless times I’ve seen directors swap out our women of color for women of lighter complexion, or women with straighter hair ETC . ... IT IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY AS ARTIST TO STAND UP AND NOT LET THIS HAPPEN .. it’s BEEN time to embrace our woman of color #BlackIsBeautiful."

You can check out Tory Lanez and Sultry Shen's comments on the situation, as well as the initial video of said situation, for yourself below.

torylanez via instagram
sultryshen via Instagram
sultryshen via Instagran
sultryshen via Instagram
sultryshen via Instagram

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