After releasing their No. 1 Adult R&B single, 'Hurt You,' Toni Braxton and Babyface return with a follow-up song that will certainly be a major hit for the powerhouse duo. The second single, 'Where Did We Go Wrong,' is a heartbreaking ballad about a failed relationship.

The acoustic guitar-driven song features Toni and Babyface wondering who is really to blame for their relationship falling apart.

"Where did we go wrong? / Is it all my fault?” sings Toni and 'Face in their achy falsettos.

The plot thickens as the duo accuse each other of infidelity.

"From the beginning I was so so feeling you / But you thought I cheated / That I played around on you / But didn’t you do the same? / Didn’t you?" Babyface croons.

Toni counters, singing, "I got to tell ya baby / I got to let you know the deal / You drew first blood, baby / If we're going to keep it real / When you cheated / How you hurt me so / You broke my heart, didn’t you?"

You can expect this ballad to heat up the quiet storm radio formats very shortly.

Toni Braxton and Babyface’s relationship album, 'Love, Marriage & Divorce,' will arrive in stores on Feb. 4. When you pre-order the collection on iTunes you'll receive the exclusive download of 'Where Did We Go Wrong.'