You’ve probably heard of Tom Hanks’ son Colin who has appeared in shows and movies like Orange County, King Kong, Mad Men, The Good Guys and Dexter. But, have you heard of Tom and Rita Wilson’s other son, “Chet Haze”? Apparently 21 year old Chet is an aspiring rapper. Who isn’t these days, right?

He recently released a high quality video (that I’m sure daddy paid for) for his song “Do It Better”.

This isn’t the first time a rich kid with famous parents has tried to break into the music industry. Tommy Hilfiger’s son “Rich Hil” is another young socialite/trouble maker who thinks he has the skillz to pay the billz.

(NSFW Language)

Since both of these guys are probably surrounded by friends who kiss their ass, I’ll speak the truth… You suck.

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