Days after premiering their long-awaited and quite dramatic biopic, 'CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story,' T-Boz and Chilli release the video for 'Meant to Be,' a new song featured on their forthcoming greatest hits album, '20.'

'Meant to Be' is a track that T-Boz co-wrote with Ne-Yo, who appears in the visual. The feel-good song is pretty much a testament to TLC's lasting bond and friendship. Plus the melody brings back a warm feeling of familiarity and comfort that is missed from the platinum-selling group's early days.

The video features old clips from TLC's past performances and home videos, which make fans remember why they were R&B's biggest girl group.

"I said If I got nothing else / I got memories of what we felt / I said and laugh into myself, sometimes, nobody / Those silly reasons we would fight / Where no matter who was wrong or right / We were always right there / Sharing this love, sharing this life," T-Boz kicks off in the first verse.

Chilli follows with the bridge and chorus, "Cause we're new, said we're always new / And no matter what would occur / That we were, meant to be / And it ain't gonna be easy / That no matter what, baby we're meant to be / And we ain't never not know that we were always meant to be / Meant to be."

'20,' featuring hit songs like 'What About Your Friends,' 'Creep' and 'Waterfalls,' is out now.

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