The traditional ways of marketing and dropping albums are over. Just ask Beyonce. Timbaland is taking his turn pushing the creative envelope for his (alleged) last and final project Opera Noir, which he plans to release as a hip-hop musical as well.

Timbo announced he is teaming up with Leftfield Pictures to realize his vision. “I couldn’t have found a better partner than Leftfield Pictures and David George for Opera Noir, the super producer said. “They understand my vision for this project, which I’ve had for years, and I’m confident they will help bring this to life for everyone to see.”

Opera Noir, is expected to be TImbaland’s most ambitious album to date. The musical will follow a young musician’s rise to the top and the hardships he faces along the way, including struggles with poverty, substance abuse and crime. In addition to producing the album, Tim will also will executive produce the musical alongside Leftfield’s David George, Adam Sher, and Will Nothacker, and Jungle Punks president Jared Gutstadt.

The album is a long time coming. The Grammy Award-winning revealed in 2014 he would be closing a chapter in music. “It’s a culture thing,” Timbaland shared about his forthcoming album. “It’s the truth. It’s just about life in general. My life. My personal life, and I found myself as an artist and human being and as a man. I found who I am." 

Congrats Timbo!

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