After releasing the video for "Baby Don't Go," earlier this year, it seems like Tiffany Evans has been gone for a minute. But the New York singer is back with her new single, "On Sight."

Looking to turn this finger-snapping mid-tempo track up, Tiffany enlisted the talents of Fetty Wap who she instantly thought would be perfect for the new song. "I instantly thought of Fetty Wap when I was recording the 'On Sight,'" she said in a statement. "The tone of his voice is crazy to me, so I knew it would make perfect sense to put him on the record. He just naturally has that vibe that I was looking for."

The song is about a guy and girl who have just met and the flirtation between them. Know she's got his attention, Tiffany is sensually smooth with on the hook and shows how much she wants to be with him.

"Boy don't be late cause I've been waitin' / All day, all day, aw yeah / Wanna be my baby / All day, all day / Let me know what's up, on sight / Don't hide it no more, on sight / Let me know what's up, on sight / Let me know what's up, on sight," she sings.

Meanwhile, Fetty Wap wants her to know that he's been trying his game on her and wonders why she's not noticing. "Now you know it's on sight / Stop playin' while I'm chasin' you, baby / Don't you know I'm tryin bust a move, baby? / Brought my game, leave it at the zoo, baby / Zoovier show you what it do, baby," he spits.

Overall, "On Sight" is light and playful and the perfect song for the summer.

"'On Sight' is a fun and flirty track," says Evans. "When I started writing the song, I kept getting nostalgia. It took me to a place where I just wanted to dance and be cool. No stress."

"On Sight" will appear on Evans' upcoming EP, All Me, which serves as a follow-up to her 2013 release, 143 (I Love You).

Listen to Tiffany Evans' Song "On Sight" Feat. Fetty Wap

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