There's nothing basic about Tierra Whack's music. Listening to Whack World tracks like "Silly Sam" and "Fruit Salad" showcases her fun, colorful, childlike imagination. "Dr. Seuss" is named for the legendary children's author who strongly influenced Tierra when she was just a tyke. And "Cable Guy" features some amusing alphabet play: "It goes like ABC (All Boys Cry)/MTV (Men Touch Vaginas)/BET (Bitches Eat Tacos)."

Considering all of the above, it was only right that Tierra take part in XXL's word-association series ABCs during the 2019 XXL Freshman photo shoot.

Things start off innocent enough—A for "apple," B for "boy"—before Ms. Whack gets vulgar: C for "chlamydia," D for "dick" and E for "eat my ass." Then she starts trolling: I for "I don't want to do this anymore" and J for "Just kidding!"

She shouts out Migos frontman Quavo once she lands on the letter Q and takes some creative liberty with the letter R, saying, "Aren't you glad I didn't say banana," a nod to an old knock-knock joke. Tierra closes the clip by catching some Zzzs—appropriate after the long production that is XXL Freshman.

Tierra Whack made her presence felt during the 2019 XXL Freshman shoot. While she didn't drop her own solo freestyle, her verse during the cypher is a show-stopper and her mock strangling of YBN Cordae helps to make the cover shot an instant classic.

Watch Tierra Whack's ABCs in the video above.

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