There are some young girls in Buffalo right now, that are involved in little league football that really has dreams of competing in contact football at the next level. There was a time when this was unheard of. Now, it's becoming more common, if you have any doubts about your little girl getting paid to play professional sports, this story should change your mind.

Her name is Antoinette "Toni" Harris and she is 22-years old. According to, she is the first woman ever to attend a college on a full football scholarship. Toni had to deal with many challenges growing up chasing the game she loved so much, because of her build and her gender, she always had to hear what others had to say about her playing football. Antoinette has dreams of being the first woman to play in the NFL. Right now, there are women officials, so why couldn't there be woman players if they are good enough?

Antoinette Harris was proclaimed the homecoming queen in her senior year, even then she still had doubts about herself, because she was younger and smaller than the other male players, but she did not let that stop her, she decided that she had to learn to live with it.

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Toni's story should really inspire young women here in Buffalo to keep pushing towards their dreams of becoming women football players, or anything male-dominated sport that they love. Antoinette's favorite NFL team is the Seattle Seahawks, who have dreams of playing for, or any NFL football team that would have her.

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